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A freelance digital marketing consultant residing in the North West. By day I’m involved in the luxury end of Travel & Tourism working with the leaders in the UK sector. At night I work on digital marketing campaigns, write Udemy courses, learn web development, all this after a few thousand meters on my Concept2 rowing machine.

Outside of travel and tourism, and digital marketing campaigns. I’m involved in IT maintenance, learning more about web development, rowing, multiple martial arts and I love my clothes! I’m also an executive producer of a short film based on a true story of a young mother sitting in a tree, while a rope languishes around her neck.

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is a marketing manager by day and freelance digital marketing consultant by night. Working with small, medium and large enterprises. I’m best known for working with the trade, travel and tourism as well as retail.

Online Articles

Over the past 10 years, I’ve written many articles across the web. Below is a list of posts written by myself. Many have been lost over the years and I’ll try and continue to update as and when I publish more.

SEOAndyBasic Content Brief Guide // 2013
SEOAndyValue of Social Media Marketing // 2012

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Past Experiences

Verify a Plumber // 2014 – 2016

NB – Verify A Plumber has been purchased by Trade Radiator & PlumberParts as of August 2016.

Although 75% shareholder I view my role at Verify A Plumber as a marketing manager, I oversaw the marketing strategy of three websites part of the company. Building marketing funnels across several marketing channels including organic search, paid, social media and offline mediums including; newspaper, flyers and radio.

Planning, implementing and executing specific digital marketing campaigns across nationwide websites and smaller satellite websites.
In addition Brian has been responsible for overseeing e-mail marketing campaigns, user experience experiments through A/B split testing and overseeing a link-building campaign networking with plumbing related industry magazines.

  • Partnered with a web development agency to build platform for homeowners to find plumbers and plumbers to find work in the UK.
  • Executed a digital marketing strategy based on organic search and social media marketing.
  • Built a 50,000+ strong email list through conducting surveys and multiple landing pages.
  • Found funding to help continue the growth of the platform
  • Presented in-depth digital marketing strategies back to shareholders on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Managing multiple suppliers for copy writing, videography and web development.
  • Partnering with industry leaders (Ask Graham, Easy Gas Cert & more!)
  • Developing a search strategy that put me in the lead of my competitors through 2,000 unique pieces of content which ensured page #1 search rankings.
  • Managing multiple social media profiles for each region in the UK.

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant // 2008 – Present

I supports SME’s throughout their online marketing strategy. I’m usually hired at the beginning of a digital marketing strategy to co-ordinate the planning and implementation of search, paid and social media.

Working closely both an in-house team and supporting third party agencies alongside SME clients to ensure that their whole online presence is maximised for optimum impact and revenue.

  • Managing multiple paid search campaigns budgets ranging from £100 – £10,000 a month.
  • Working with agencies and freelancers to deliver digital marketing strategies.
  • Rolled out bespoke digital marketing strategies for software, healthcare, technology and real estate industries to name a few.
  • Refined social media strategies to enhance customer acquisitions.
  • Create content initiatives to launch blogs, video content and social media profiles.
  • Learnt and trained digital marketing tools and technologies.
  • Supporting paid search campaigns including: account set-up, strategy development, organisation and ongoing management.
  • Keyword research and development for both organic and paid search.
  • Paid search campaign audits and strategic execution for audits.
  • Daily research into new technology, trends and approaches that will improve paid and organic search delivery.
  • Social media monitoring / listening to find and engage with new and current clients.
  • Working with clients to develop strategies to drive their sales