Brian Martin – Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Hello! I’m Brian. A freelance digital marketing consultant & aspiring web developer living and working in the North West.

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Brian, which to say I, currently work full time as a marketing manager for three companies under one MD in the tourism, leisure and retail industry. I’m also an executive producer of a film currently in post production in LA.

Whilst in my free-time I’m currently developing small web applications,  managing a portfolio of digital marketing campaigns as well as writing and recording eCourses hosted on Udemy.

Brief Overview

Marketing Manager -Travel & Tourism and Retail
Executive Producer – Ira (Post Production)  
Founder & Marketing Manager – Verify a Plumber
Studied Computer Science
– Loreto College

Noteable Work

Executive Producer – Ira // Post Production
A gripping short film based on the true story of a young mother sitting in a tree, whilst a rope languishes around her neck.

Founder & Marketing Manager – Verify a Plumber Ltd // 2014 – 2016
I launched and founded an online marketplace for the trade, specifically gas engineers and plumbers. Developed using Kohana, Verify A Plumber was a dynamic, database driven platform. It became popular and I grew a mailing list of over 50,000 gas engineers and 10,000 homeowners. (Read more…)

Contributor – Learn X in Y Minutes // 2013
I contributed to Adam Bard’s LearnXinYMinutes project on GitHub, explaining Visual Basic which has since been translated into multiple languages. (Read more…)

Contributor – Visual Basic Boot Camp // 2012
Wrote a tutorial series exploring Visual Basic an easy to understand language that I recommend learning when first starting to learn to program. (No longer online)


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As a freelance digital marketing consultant at heart, I can be hired to help you discover and reach new audiences here.

I support…

Sophie Lancaster Foundation // 2009 – Present
I’ve been a supporter of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation since becoming a Peer Youth Worker at Urban Alternatives. I have supported them in numerous ways over the last 9 years. (Find out more here)